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The future of your restaurant is fueled by Eatmaniak.

Eatmaniak: digitally empowering food businesses. Enhance your brand, organize your business, and attract customers. The culinary experience is redefined for the digital age by Eatmaniak's customized solutions.

  • + Improved Customer Engagement
  • + Effective Business Insights
  • + Secure Payment Portals
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In the Discover phase of Eatmaniak, we examine market trends, create unique digital solutions, improve customer experiences, streamline business processes, incorporate cutting-edge technologies, and strengthen brand recognition. The success of your food business online is built on this targeted strategy.


Challenges included market saturation and changing tech environments. Eatmaniak successfully resisted by forming quick plans of action. Resilience and digital excellence were fostered by adaptable solutions, which made sure the food industry thrived despite obstacles.


Eatmaniak's essence came into focus during our ideation phase. We envisioned user-friendly interfaces and interactive customer journeys. We built the foundation for Eatmaniak's engaging online presence through creative brainstorming.

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In Eatmaniak, RED RIBBON denotes vitality, and DARK ROYALTY adds class. This dynamic duo develops a visually appealing brand identity that strengthens Eatmaniak's position in the online food community.


Visual and typography hierarchy

In Eatmaniak, the font synergy strikes a delicate balance. Circular Std, with its elegance, adds a touch of sophistication, while Inter, with its contemporary simplicity, ensures clear communication. The seamless and impactful design language that results from this harmonious blending elevates Eatmaniak's digital presence by communicating professionalism and creativity.

Minimalistic Iconography

In Eatmaniak, our understated icons serve as a testament to the strength of simplicity. Each carefully crafted icon enhances user comprehension and guarantees a delightful, intuitive experience, evoking Eatmaniak's dedication to seamless usability and visual elegance.


UI Elements

The components of the visuals, be it static or videos carried a tone through minimal graphic and element, wherever possible, with the idea to keep the visual energy maintained.

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Visual Design

The visual design experience in Eatmaniak is immersive. Everything is carefully curated, including the color scheme and layout. An engaging and aesthetically pleasing user experience is ensured by the interface's seamless fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

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