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Own The Podium: Your Sporting Destination

The best platform for finding, adding, and easily scheduling sporting events is Own The Podium. Athletes can effortlessly and precisely apply for events in person or online, improving their athletic path.

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During Own The Podium's discovery phase, our team carefully researched international sporting events with the goal of creating a platform that easily links athletes and fans. Our strategy placed a high priority on simple registration procedures, simple event browsing, and a user experience that combines ambition and sportsmanship


In order to overcome challenges for Own The Podium, we managed intricate event planning, developed a balance between the demands of athletes, and made sure that interactions between online and offline ran smoothly. Overcoming challenges, we revolutionized the management of sporting events.


We innovated during the ideation process for Own The Podium, creating an easy-to-use interface and effective event planning.


The brilliant primary color TANGAROA, which represents a love of sports, radiates energy and excitement in Own The Podium. In order to create a visually captivating and harmonious experience, SLOW PERCH adds a relaxing element and BILLET offers sophistication and trust


Visual and typography hierarchy

Sequel & Roboto Mono fonts had been chosen for Own The Podium based on their readability and modern looks. Sequel denotes power, while Roboto Mono assures clarity, boosting the platform's polished appearance.

Minimalistic Iconography

Own The Podium icons are simple and clear since they are designed with a minimalistic design. They improve user experience and simplify interactions, perfectly complementing the platform's design approach because they are made for intuitive understanding.


Visual Design

In Visual Design, we prioritize seamless UX, intuitive navigation, and efficient user flows, benefiting both Organiser and users.

Effortless Online Event Registration

Through simple online registration and profile
setup, you can easily explore and participate
in sporting events.

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Welcome to Own The Podium! Your gateway to the world of sports. Explore upcoming events, connect with athletes, and experience the thrill of competition.

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Dive into the details! Explore every aspect of your event on Own The Podium. From schedules to participant lists, we provide a comprehensive view.