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Successfully catered to the requirement of clients.

We are all about clients, we accommodate your requirements naturally and become an integral part of your mechanism. With our scrum/agile methodology, we have successfully catered to the requirements of 100+ clients to date.

10 yearsBringing praise-worthy digital
solutions your way for 10 years now

Rishabh Jain

We are a goal-oriented tech startup that stepped into this competitive market in 2013. (Life was easy then)
Rishabh Jain is behind the curtains of this globally competitive IT venture. From day one we were crazy enough to think that we can move things around and well now we are doing it.
We tend to accept all the challenges that come in our way. Yes, we had our fair share of hurdles in initial years but we think those struggles were necessary.
We have a team of 60 people with us who are resilient and committed to bringing innovation to every single task.

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